1.When you call a locksmith in Longmont, For a car LOCKOUT or home lockout, a local locksmith in Colorado should be able to give you a full price over the phone for the exact locksmith services you’re requesting if they do not give you a clear pricing, call the next locksmith.

2.When you ask a 24-hour locksmith for their price and they say a dollar amount like $15 and up, you’re being scammed by a local locksmith.

3.IF you are looking for a local locksmith near you such as near Longmont Colorado like where we are located.  After you’ve talked to the locksmith and you’re sure you know exactly what their prices are for their services get a good contact number and add it your phone for emergencies.

4.Check to make sure they are licensed and or ask for an id you do this and most fake locksmiths will run Ask questions like where are you located

5.Ask questions Like Do you require cash, or can I pay with a check or credit card? What is the name of the locksmith or tech who becoming, by doing any of this you will know it’s a real locksmith?

6.The locksmith Tells you this is a high-security lock on your home 98% of the time a trained locksmith will be able to pick your lock there are a few cases where you have a like a quick set smart key lock thus had to be drilled but if the locksmith goes right up and says this lock has to be drilled your being scammed.

If you think you’ve been overcharged or scammed by a locksmith, contact your state attorney general’s office. Many state AG offices employ staff to mediate between customers and businesses. Some may also pursue litigation to recoup funds for victims remember you can always turn them away you are not obligated to go with them.

With Aurora Colorado locksmith you can be sure that every time you call us you will be priced neither gouged nor ripped off we have a flat rate for unlocking your car or home.